About Us

History & Background

Valley Wide Plastering, Inc. was incorporated under the laws of the state of Arizona on March 15, 1980 and has been operating continuously since that date. Prior to incorporation, the company had operated as a sole proprietorship doing business as (DBA) Guerrero Stucco. 

Jesse Guerrero, president, has over thirty-three (33) years of experience in the industry. Valley Wide Plastering specializes in exterior stucco including the one-coat, the three-coat and the EIFS systems. The company also specializes in interior plastering – this coat over gypsum or venetian plaster or to architectural specifications. In addition, because of the growing amount of Stone Veneer being used, we now have a stone division at Valley Wide Plastering. For many years the company has enjoyed continued growth based primarily on word of mouth and quality craftsmanship of its work. Today, we are proud to say that our company has grown to be the leading plastering contractor in the Phoenix metropolitan area having stuccoed over 80,000 homes. 

Finally, we are proud to say that throughout the years Valley Wide Plastering has enjoyed an ongoing professional relationship with most of the area's leading developers, i.e., Monterey/Meritage Homes, Presley Homes, Estes/Kaufman & Broad, UDC, SHEA Homes, Camelot Homes, Cresleigh, Pinnacle Builders, Jackson Properties, Engle Homes, Geoffrey Edmunds, Cornerstone Homes, Toll Brothers, DR Horton, Pulte Homes, Amberwood Homes, Lennar Homes, Woodside Homes, Pollack and many others. 

Our Mission... To be a Plaster Contractor Worth of High Regard

This mission statement is to let all interested parties know what we are about and where we are going. It should help all our employees to pull in the same direction. It is not just pretty words, but an honest statement of intent as seen by senior management. It is not highly ambitious, over reaching or unobtainable. We do not claim that we want to be the biggest....just the best. We believe that if in every aspect of the business we warrant 'high regard,' then success, in both human and financial terms, will follow.  

Those involved with our vision: 

  • Customers who give us their business and expect us to satisfy their needs.
  • Bankers who provide us with funds to operate the business and expect a return on their investment and for the company to operate responsibly.
  • Suppliers who provide us with goods and services and who expect payment and understanding.
  • Community who constitute the environment in which we live and work, within which we want to act with responsibility. 

 Our strategy remains to build on our strengths. We will continue to focus on the core business of plastering and lathing, developing our ancillary skills and activities to support it. 

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